I am willing to provide snacks and  lunch . This may be reflected in price depending on what is required.


I will endeavour to provide healthy balanced meals made from fresh organic ingredients, locally sourced, where possible. Water will be available to children at any time. Other snacks and drinks will be provided on a regular basis. What these snacks and any treats are will be decided in consultation with the parents.


Parents will need to provide baby milk and meals for babies under 12months


Sample menu

Lunch Homemade chicken/BeefLamb broth, with dippy bread

Homemade soups with cheese scones

Wholemeal pasta with a variety of sauces

Fish fingers, mash and peas

Homemade Chicken curry and brown rice

Sausages, beans and jacket potatoes

Homemade Spaghetti Bolognaise

Roast dinners with all the trimmings

Bean Feast with brown rice

Homemade chilli and brown rice

Homemade pizza with a selection of toppings usually made by the children

Homemade fish pie and seasonal vegetables


Potato cakes



pitta pockets

Crumpets cheese

Cucumber sticks, carrot sticks and dips

Fruit loaf Biscuits


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