Who will I  I  take?     I am prepared to look after children from the age of 6 months to 5yrs, (I specialise in the early years). I will always consider the needs of those I am already caring for and how the age and ability of prospective children may affect those already in my care. I DO NOT discriminate against race, language, gender, physical ability or learning ability. I am happy to modify my practice, resources and equipment to any child’s needs wherever possible or practicable. 


 What do Parents/carers need to provide?  Any nappies, creams, lotions, wipes Milk, bottles and food for babies under 12 months   Spare clothing and relevant outdoor wear including sun lotion  and sunhats;coats,waterproofs and wellies will need to be brought in where appropriate.


What if I am ill, what if a child is ill?  If I am ill and unable to work I will inform parents/carers as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made. Where possible I will liaise with other childminders in the area to make this easier.  If a child is ill parents/carers will need to call me and let me know. If they are infectious I will not be able to look after them until they have recovered.


What information do I require from parents/carers? Initially I will need a great deal of information from you to ensure I can care for a child properly and that all mandatory records are kept. I think it is reassuring for children to see their parent(s) and childminder chatting in a friendly relaxed fashion.


How does a child settle in? This is an unsettling time for a child and an emotional time for parents and carers. It is essential that we work together to get it right. I like parents to come with their child for at least a couple of informal visits for all of them to get to know me, my family and my home. This also enables me to collect vital information relating to a child and how parents/carers wish me to care for them. There can then be a settling in period of 2-3 weeks before the contract comes into operation to make sure the arrangements work out. During this time I will endeavour to support and reassure children at every opportunity, comforting if and when necessary. It is a good idea to bring something from home to comfort a child when parent/carer is not there e.g. blanket or toy. Parent/carers may wish to provide family photos or albums for us to look at and discuss whilst they are working - these could include parent/carers at work!! I always suggest making goodbyes as quick and positive as possible to avoid unnecessary distress to parent/carers and children.


What happens if a parent/carer changes their mind?    If a parent/carer changes their mind within the 3-4 week settling in period there will be no notice period. If parents/carers change their mind subsequently or no longer require a childminder there will be the contractual 4 weeks notice period. If my circumstances were to change and I could no longer care for a child I will ensure parents/carers have alternative childcare whenever possible before giving notice.


How will this be agreed? We will agree upon and both sign a legally binding contract. We will both have copies of this contract and can review and change it at any time.  


How do I respond and deal with challenging behaviours? I will not use physical punishment in any form. I will discuss with parents/carers before the contract starts how they approach discipline with their child, how they respond best and agree with parents/carers what is suitable. On the whole I will lead by example and use praise and positive reinforcement for desirable behaviours. I will treat children with respect and value, and have consistent clear boundaries. I will explain why certain behaviours are not acceptable and discourage children from them.


  I will not allow any child in my care to harm, intimidate or persecute any other child in my care.  I understand that it is important to acknowledge children’s feelings and make allowances for age, development and changes in personal circumstances.


  What happens in an emergency? I will always try and contact parents, carers or emergency contacts provided to inform them of an emergency. 

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