How much do I charge?


I charge : £38 per day 8am - 6pm Inclusive

£30 a day for a minimum of 6 hours £5 per hour for any additional hours outside of the daily rate.

50% fees to retain a place if term time only is required.

Fees are inclusive of meals (Organic where possible) and snacks, and Toddler groups. Special outings to be paid by parent.

I will not charge for any holiday time I take.

I will charge full rate for any other holidays taken by you.

I do not work bank holidays but fees still apply if the bank holiday falls on a contracted day.

I will charge full rate if your child is ill.

I will not charge you anything if I am ill.

I am flexible with payments being weekly, four weekly or monthly.

I will expect a payment, in advance, on the first day of your childs minded week or monthly in advance.

Collecting, dropping off a Child at Nursery then Normal daily Fee will apply.

If a place is available, but not needed immediately, retainer of 40% of the fees may be charged depending on length of time the place is to be reserved for.  

A £100 deposit will be required to hold a future place,  this will be refunded when the child leaves .

Non-agreed late fee will be charged at £5 per every 15 minutes

Late payments unless otherwise agreed will be charged at £5 per day  

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